Management, Production & Promotion For Kiwi Artists

Management, Production & Promotion For Kiwi Artists

Who are the Services for?

Are you a Kiwi artist with dreams of making it big in NZ, or perhaps on the global stage?

Maybe you’re a musician who wants to headline festivals and play for international audiences. Perhaps you’re an actor or producer inspired by the likes of Taika Waititi. Whatever your dream, we’re here to help you make it happen.

NONE Entertainment offers the full package for Kiwi artists. We work with:

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Make it Big with us

As a Kiwi record label with global connections, we can support you through every step of your artistic journey. NONE Entertainment has built strong connections with entertainment industries overseas and aims to bring Kiwi entertainment to the world, so you’re in good hands. If you aspire to do great things, signing with us can help make it happen. 




We sign our own artists at NONE Entertainment and aim to create a bridge for more Kiwi artists to transition from performing locally to entertaining on the world stage. We’ll help you reach your full potential with the aim of getting you noticed overseas through marketing, promotion, branding, social media, executive producing, production, scheduling, gigs & interviews, paid work, meetings, contract sorting and a whole lot more.

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Look out world! Our marketing and promotion services will help you get noticed. Our expert team will work with you to produce marketing opportunities, while the social influencers we work with across different genres can assist with engaging social media marketing campaigns.


Create high quality, professional music videos with our production team. Having worked with some big names in the entertainment industry, our team knows exactly how to produce high quality, engaging work that will connect with audiences and shine a spotlight on your talent.


We plan gigs and events with overseas artists and influencers. These include things like shows, fan meet & greets, appearances, ads, interviews and more.


With our local and global connections in Asia, North America and other overseas locations, we can help you get in contact with overseas celebrities for live shows, appearances, ads and more. We also do agency work for local entertainers to help them get booked and manage schedule and more.
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Our Auckland recording studio is available for local artists and bands to record and produce music. The studio is equipped with all the high-tech, new equipment you need, including high-end mics, keyboards and speakers. We also have an in-house engineer who can be hired at an additional cost while our Grammy-winning mixing and mastering engineer can get your songs mixed and mastered to perfection.

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We have teamed up with 24k Media to bring you industry-level photography and videography. They specialise in music videos, commercial ads, weddings, real estate walkthroughs and much more.

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Proudly kiwi

New Zealand may be a small country, but we punch well above our weight when it comes to artistic talent, and we want to make sure the rest of the world gets to experience it. Our record label was started right here in New Zealand, and with our established roots in the local and international scene, we’ve made it our goal to expand our growing entertainment industry.

Internationally connected

The NONE Entertainment team has built strong industry connections in the US and Asia and worked with billboard and top-charting artists. As a result, we’ve got a tonne of experience marketing and promoting entertainment in highly competitive spaces. Our knowledge of how the NZ entertainment industry works and how larger overseas ones operate means we get the local scene and can take you to greater heights if that’s what you’re looking for.

Diverse team

Our team is unified in our mission to create opportunities for Kiwi artists, but we’re a diverse bunch, raised in different cultures and societies around the globe. We spotlight unconventional music and entertainment typically overshadowed by the mainstream. In spite of our differences, people can work together to achieve common goals – we’re all about collaboration. By sharing ideas and visions from different fields, each one of us can grow, learn and reach our maximum potential and become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Full service nz record label

We’re a record label that does it all. From artist management to gig & event planning, streaming services, marketing & promotion, production and sound engineering and a high-end recording studio you can hire, our services are designed to support you every step of the way.