Sauce40 recently known as Y3K$ is an up and coming artist from a small town called Huntly located in the Waikato. Sauce meaning his drip style and 40 stands for 'Day One' his childhood crew. Sauce40 found his passion for music in his year 11 music class where with the help of his music teacher and a few friends paved a new way in his community for music. From headlining local sellout shows to opening for international acts he now looks at accomplishing a lot more under new management with None Entertainment.

With his last singles under his previous name “Y3K$” 'Dripping Wet' and 'Way' doing considerable numbers, it shows his diversity and ability to make great music over any style of music. His style still has elements of hard/trap rap, but after experimenting a lot with his voice he has found a new talent for making more melodic music and has used that to his advantage by engaging a larger audience.