DJ Zeroz


Zeroz is a multi-faceted DJ who brings new dimensions to the music industry by incorporating various genres and sounds suited to various crowds. Zeroz is influenced by the different cultures she was exposed to during her upbringing with a mixed ethnicity of half European and half Chinese. With her unique perspective on music delivery and mixing as well as her large following on social media, Zeroz can entertain attendees while drawing a new crowd and added marketability to any event she is a part of. Her mixed-ethnicity look as well as her personal style draws attention from new listeners but also comes alive in the way that she mixes.

Under the management of None Entertainment, Zeroz has performed at a multitude of showcases and venues across New Zealand including The Roxy, Round 6, Infinity Club, Face Club and Raynham Park. She has also opened for many international acts such as Head Hunterz, Rave Radio and more. Supported by her large following, Zeroz was voted 1st in New Zealand and 6th place within Australia and Oceania for DJANETOP’s Top DJs list.